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The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced the delivery of over 1,000 Vallon metal detector systems and 100 bomb defusing kits to Ukraine.

The new of set systems have been donated to enhance the capabilities of the Ukrainian forces to de-arm unexploded ordnance and ensure the safety of civilian homes and different infrastructures across the country.

UK defence secretary Ben Wallace said: “Russia’s use of landmines and targeting of civilian infrastructure underline the shocking cruelty of Putin’s invasion.

“This latest package of UK support will help Ukraine safely clear land and buildings as it reclaims its rightful territory.”

Vallon will be used by the Ukrainian soldiers to clear minefields to ensure civilian and infrastructure safety.

Meanwhile, the bomb defusing kits will be used for defusing and de-arming the unexploded munitions, bombs as well as other improvised explosive devices (IEDs) used by the Russian troops to attack Ukrainian soldiers.

According to UK MoD, the counter explosive ordnance systems are the latest range of equipment that have been delivered as part of its ongoing efforts to provide military assistance to Ukraine, bolstering its forces’ capabilities to defeat Russian forces.

Throughout 2022, the British government has provided a total of £2.3bn of military support to Ukraine.

In 2023, the MoD said that the UK will continue to extend military support and aid for Ukrainian forces. 

In November 2022, the UK government completed the delivery of Sea King helicopters to Ukrainian Navy and also confirmed donation of 10,000 additional artillery rounds for enhancing Ukrainian troops’ defensive capabilities.

Furthermore, UK is providing military training to thousands of Ukrainian soldiers under its international military training programme that commenced in June 2022.