The UK has agreed to strengthen its partnership with Australia in defence and security, as well as other sectors.

The move comes as the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison agreed to deepen cooperation across several sectors during a virtual summit.

The UK Government also announced a £25m ($34m) package to support security and resilience in the Indo-Pacific region.

The funding will be used to increase resilience in cyberspace, build maritime security, and protect against state threats.

The UK will also work with Australia to promote peace and security as it seeks to become ‘the European partner of choice’ in the Indo-Pacific region.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “The UK and Australia are working together to enhance regional security in the Indo-Pacific, drive innovation in science and green technology, and boost opportunities for our businesses and citizens.

“Our nations are forging a new partnership from a historic alliance, fit for the next century and grounded in our shared priorities on security, democracy, and free and fair trade.”

The announcement comes less than six months after the UK, the US and Australia formed a defence and security partnership, commonly referred to as AUKUS. The partnership will help Australia in acquiring nuclear-powered submarines.

In the virtual meeting, the two leaders reaffirmed their commitment to AUKUS.

The UK and Australia will also work to increase collaboration in areas including trade and climate change, as well as science and technology.

Last year, the two countries partnered on advanced materials integration.