Thales is developing a soldier weapon systems for the Australian Defence Force (ADF ) at its arms manufacturing facility in Lithgow, Australia.

The systems will deliver a capability advantage to the ADF and enable soldiers to keep pace with emerging threats.

Thales said in a statement: “This future weapon system is an evolution of the individual weapon and will provide soldiers with an enduring battlefield overmatch.”

The company highlighted the need for a technology leap to maintain an edge in the digitised battlespace.

Soldier systems of the future will integrate advanced sensor and targeting capabilities, disruptive digital technologies, and networked communications to enable collaborative engagement.

Thales’ advanced future soldier weapon system will also feature biometric security safeguards.

The advanced system will also provide increased command, control and situational awareness for soldiers and commanders.

Thales Australia CEO Chris Jenkins said: “Rapid advances in digital technology bring increasing threats, as well as new capabilities. Thales’ future weapon system accelerates the development process for an era of networked warfare.”

The company stated that the development of the future advanced individual weapon system is in-line with Australia’s sovereign industrial capability to ‘research, design, development and manufacture of small arms’.

The weapon system builds on the firm’s experience in manufacturing advanced systems for Australia’s soldiers.

In March this year, Thales unveiled concept plans for the future of the Lithgow Arms facility.

The plans include the creation of a precinct to develop and manufacture future soldier weapons systems.

Thales invested in a new honing machine on Lithgow Arms’ rifle production line in July.