Teledyne Technologies unit Teledyne FLIR Defence has secured a contract to deliver surveillance systems for the Danish Defence Forces.

The company, and its partner Precision Technic Defence Group, have entered into a seven-year framework agreement with the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) to provide the systems.

The deliveries will include several medium and long-range surveillance systems for land, maritime, and airborne applications.

The firms have also secured a service and maintenance contract from the DALO.

Over the period of performance, the potential value of the contract is projected to exceed $100m.

Teledyne FLIR has offered its SeaFLIR/TacFLIR 280-HDEP and SeaFLIR/TacFLIR 380 HLD-X advanced day/night, all-weather imaging systems.

The SeaFLIR 280-HDEP has been developed for full-time, all-weather maritime duty.

It offers long-range target detection, identification, and tracking for a variety of mission support, including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, maritime search and rescue, disaster recovery, and more.

TacFLIR 280-HDEP, the system’s land-based model, features a laser designator and is used for ground vehicle surveillance, as well as fixed deployment.  

The SeaFLIR/TacFLIR 380 HLD-X delivers ultra-long-range imaging performance, HD multi-spectral imaging, and better image stabilisation.

Through this contract, the DALO can acquire these systems for the Danish Defence mobile sensor systems programme.

This programme is designed to meet the surveillance requirements of Denmark’s Army, Air Force, and Navy users.

Teledyne FLIR Defence executive vice-president and general manager JihFen Lei said: “Teledyne FLIR is proud to partner with Precision Technic Defence to continue to supply Danish armed forces with state-of-the-art, gyro-stabilised sensor systems.

“We’ve invested heavily in technology upgrades across our lineup, including edge processing and AI capabilities that reduce the cognitive load on operators and improve situational awareness.”

In June last year, Teledyne FLIR secured a contract to develop the first mass-wearable chemical detector for US troops.