Taiwan has conducted anti-landing drills on one of its islands closer to the Chinese mainland amid increasing cross-strait tensions.

The exercise to push back landing attempts was held on the Matsu archipelago, Reuters reported citing a statement by Taiwan’s Defence Ministry.

Accompanied by pictures of the drill, the statement said that it involved the use of cannons and machine guns.

In a social media post, Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said: “Whether the engine of a fighter plane or the rumbling of artillery, it is a reassuring sound for the national army that is defending the homeland.”

Taiwan has controlled Matsu and Kinmen island since the end of the civil war between nationalist and communist forces.

China claims sovereignty over democratic Taiwan and in recent months, tensions have escalated after Beijing ramped up military activities in the region.

Recently, Taiwan scrambled fighter jets after Chinese aircraft breached the unofficial mid-line of the sensitive Taiwan Strait.

China also conducted large-scale air and naval drills near the island this month.

This comes after Taiwan allied with the US for armaments and support, a move denounced by mainland China.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the US is planning to sell $7bn of weaponry to Taiwan to enhance its defences.

The potential arms sale is expected to comprise major weapons systems such as sea mines, cruise missiles and drones. However, the two sides are yet to confirm the sale.