The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (Försvarets materielverk-FMV) has tested a new battle management system (BMS) for the country’s armed forces.

The field verification test of the new system, also called BMS 3.1.2, was executed last week by the Swedish Armed Forces’ soldiers at P4 in Skövde, Västergötland, Sweden.

Currently, the BMS is undergoing a series of verification and field tests.

Development of the new BMS version is the result of a separate basic training initiative. The effort required FMV to install a new command support system, called LSS Mark 2.0, aboard the combat vehicles of the Swedish Army’s two training companies at P4 in Skövde, in 2021.

After its fielding, the operators reported issues in the functionality of the support system such as problems with its radio’s range and speech quality when put under different conditions.

In 2022, the FMV then assigned a team of specialists, referred to as Tiger team BMS, to address these problems.

The team investigated and resolved the specified issues by conducting extensive assessments in a lab environment, as well as on site at P4.

FMV systems engineer Zakarias Priebe said: “The verifications have generally gone well and the improvements we saw during the autumn remain. Users once again agree that system has been improved.

“The most obvious shortcomings for the soldiers were experienced in the speech connection.”

The work of the Tiger team is now expected to culminate later this summer with the final delivery of the new BMS 3.1.2 to the Swedish Armed Forces.

Priebe added: “Perhaps the most important experience of Tiger Team that both the armed forces and FMV have drawn is that FMV must be able to make final verifications in a real environment to increase the quality of our deliveries.”