US-based not-for-profit research and development (R&D) company SRC has secured a contract to deliver ground surveillance radars to Egypt.

The contract was awarded by the Advanced Technology Systems Company (ATSC), a small business US Government contractor.

As agreed, SRC will manufacture and supply SR Hawk ground surveillance radars, to Egypt, in support of its MS3 programme.

As a long-range ground surveillance radar system, SR Hawk is used to protect warfighters, borders, and other critical infrastructure against potential threats.

It offers 360° surveillance, and is equipped with automated electro-optic sensor cueing, audible alerts, multi-target tracking, and anti-clutter techniques.

SRC claims that the radar system is easy to set up, and offers highly reliable situational awareness to the armed forces. The system is available in tower, vehicle mount, and tripod configurations.

The company further said that the radars can be used in all weather conditions, and in the extreme temperatures usually seen in Egypt.

SRC regularly offers hardware and software updates to improve the usability and performance of the SR Hawk radar systems.

SRC president and CEO Kevin Hair said: “We are honoured to provide Egypt with the robust and capable SR Hawk radar for their mission.

“These radars are helping to keep borders secure, and warfighters safe around the world.”

Egypt’s defence ministry recently signed a $1.65bn agreement with Hanwha Defense to procure an unspecified number of K9 self-propelled howitzers.

The deal makes Egypt the first African nation to procure the K9 howitzers.