Indra has been awarded a contract to equip the Spanish Army’s Chinook CH47F helicopter with next generation electronic warfare (EW) systems.

The €35m contract was signed with the Spanish Ministry of Defence.

Indra will provide a self-protection suite that includes its fully digitalised ALR-400FD radar alerter InShield infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) system, and the new InWarner sensor, equipped with laser warning sensors (LWS) and missile warning sensors (MWS).

The ALR-400FD radar alerter can detect and identify enemy platforms, and other radar threats, at long range.

The InWarner sensor identifies if any designator has acquired the helicopter as a target, and will help with neutralising attacks.

Indra’s DIRCM system will protect the CH47F helicopter against MANPAD-type short-range surface-to-air missiles (SAM), and infrared (IR) guided missile attacks. 

In addition, the helicopter will be fitted with chaff countermeasure dispensers and flares, to neutralise attacks. 

According to the company, these systems will protect the military transport helicopter when conducting global missions, and identify and counter different kinds of threats.

The aircraft will be able to perform special missions, casualty evacuation, material transport, and attack operations.

Indra noted that this self-protection suite will also be used for other CH-47s. It will be exportable to all fixed and rotary wing platforms.

In February last year, Indra won a contract from Spain’s DGAM to support the development of an armoured vehicle training centre for the Spanish Army.