Finnish firm Senop Oy has entered into a framework agreement, with Patria, to deliver driver’s night-vision systems.

The devices will be installed on the 6×6 common armoured vehicle system (CAVS) armoured personnel carriers (APCs).

The agreement includes an order that will ensure the continuation of ongoing deliveries for all Latvian APCs and Finnish pre-series vehicles.

It will also enable the supply of night-vision systems to other potential countries participating in the 6×6 vehicle programme.

Senop managing director Aki Korhonen said: “The framework agreement and related purchase order are significant for our vehicle vision systems product segment.

“This shows our capability in the military vehicle sighting system business, and secures long-term production of drivers’ night-vision.”

Senop driver’s night-vision systems are designed to improve vision in different conditions and help in enhancing situational awareness in battlefield environments.

Senop is a subsidiary of Millog and a part of the Patria Group. The company’s defence and security portfolio includes image intensifiers, night sights, intelligent thermal sights, vehicle camera systems, and hyperspectral cameras, among others.

Patria recently secured a $32m (€28m) contract from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) to upgrade 168 Patria XA 202/203 (Patgb 202/203) wheeled armoured vehicles.

The works will be performed at the Patria facilities in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

Last month, the Finnish Defence Forces signed an agreement to purchase pre-series Patria 6×6 vehicles as part of the joint 6×6 vehicle programme.