Saudi Arabia’s Armed Forces has launched the first military wing for women, an effort that marks another milestone in the country’s Vision 2030 modernisation programme.

The new military wing has been opened to women across Saudi Arabia. It plays a key role in the initiative of inaugurating women into the development of the country.

Saudi Ambassador to the US Reema Bandar Al-Saud tweeted on the opening of the women’s wing.

As reported by a Saudi magazine, the military wing was opened by several senior military officials in the country.

The Middle East Monitor noted that the opening of the job market to women in the country is seen as a major step towards reforming the kingdom, which is highly conservative.

Vision 2030 was launched in 2016. Since then, every sector from aviation security to the passport controller started offering employment to female staff.

Several branches such as the Royal Saudi Land Forces, Royal Saudi Air Force, Royal Saudi Naval Forces can now recruit woman in the country in various capacities such as lance corporals, corporals, sergeants and staff sergeants.

They can also be recruited for Royal Saudi Air Defence Forces, Royal Saudi Strategic Missile Force and Armed Forces Medical Services.

Gulf Today quoted first lieutenant general Fayyad Bin Hamid Al Ruwaili as saying that the female wing was launched to address the needs of the female component of Saudi Arabia military branch.

Fayyad Al-Ruwaili further explained the regulations of acceptance and the locations that were allocated for the female military unit.