Finland-based firearm and ammunition manufacturer Sako has been awarded a contract to provide precision rifle systems and associated equipment for the Finnish Defence Forces.

The contract has been awarded by the Finnish Ministry of Defence (MoD).

It has an estimated value of approximately €11m, which is inclusive of value added tax. 

The contract involves the delivery of TRG M10 magazine-fed precision rifles and spare parts and sniper equipment, including spotting scopes, laser range finders, and shooting rests.

The capability will enhance the operating capabilities of the snipers to hone the range and accuracy of their fire.

With the latest procurement, the MoD aims to develop a common sniper capability that can work for forces operating in multiple domains.

The new bolt-action rifle, TRG M10, has a high-performance 8.6mm x 70mm precision cartridge that allows snipers to hit a wide range of targets at a maximum range of over 1,400m.

It is equipped with a magnifying optical sight, ambidextrous controls, and fully adjustable stock designed to provide dominance in various operational circumstances.

According to the Finnish MoD, the new rifle system can be used interchangeably with other set of calibres, allowing the snipers to train with the same cartridges as that of the M23 rifle system, which is already in service with the Finnish armed forces.

The M23 rifle system has been manufactured by Sako in collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces.

In January last year, Sako was contracted by the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command to procure the M23 rifle system, which comes in two separate configurations, including the Sniper Rifle 23 and the Designated Marksman Rifle 23.

The M23 rifles are semi-automatic, with a 7.62 Nato calibre.