Israel-based robotics technology systems developer Robotican has demonstrated the capabilities of its hybrid drone system for the Spanish Army.

Named Rooster, the drone is a semi-autonomous hybrid system designed to conduct uncrewed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions in communication denied environments.

Suitable for both indoor and underground missions, Rooster features a combination of ground robotics and airborne drone capabilities, and a long-range endurance.

During the Foro 2E+i – Fuerza 2035 military exercise, Robotican partnered with Spanish multinational telecommunications company Telefónica to showcase the drone’s capabilities.

The exercise was held in Toledo, Spain, and aimed to train the Spanish Armed Forces on how to perform ground drills against enemy positions in a building.

As part of the drills, the Spanish forces used the Rooster in two scenarios to carry out a scan and clear mission of a building in a simulated hostile urban environment.

Prior to deploying the system, the forces first secured the building’s ground floor while allowing the Rooster to scan the upper floors.

The system, which was being operated by a Robotican member from 2km away, provided the ISR information to the ground forces in real-time.

Following this, the forces operated the drone to scan and clear the building’s roof.

Robotican’s hybrid drone system provided crucial information and real-time video to the Spanish Armed Forces, allowing them to perform a breaching manoeuvre while keeping the forces safe.

The company is presenting Rooster and its Goshawk interceptor drone at the ongoing Abu Dhabi International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX).