Rheinmetall has been awarded a new contract to modernise the Skyguard 35mm cannon based air defence system for an undisclosed international customer.

The estimated value of the contract is in the low three-digit-million-euro range. Work under this order will be managed by Rheinmetall Italia.

The company is expected to start the upgrade work later this year.

As part of the Skyguard modernisation contract, Rheinmetall will upgrade the customer’s existing 35mm twin guns, transforming them to the latest Oerlikon GDF009 standards.

Once configured to Oerlikon standards, the system will be able to support Ahead air burst ammunition that will allow the forces to safeguard themselves, as well as their crucial assets, from several airborne adversaries, including small uncrewed aerial systems threats.

Rheinmetall will also provide new ammunition and components for the upgraded air defence system.

The company said that the latest contract will further strengthen its decades-long relationship with this strategic international customer, boosting Rheinmetall’s ground-based air defence customer base.

Rheinmetall’s Oerlikon Skyguard 3 is the third-generation air defence system from the Skyguard family of products.

The system will also support Ahead ammunition, which is designed to improve the combat effectiveness of the latest automatic cannons.

This high kinetic energy-based technology can reliably and effectively destroy a wide range of small, as well as very small, targets while ensuring minimum collateral damage.

Skyguard 3 comprises of the Oerlikon twin gun GDF007, the Oerlikon revolver gun Mk2 towed, and a very short-range air defence (VSHORAD) missile launching system that allows the users to protect their high value stationery assets.

Last year in July, the company received a €65m contract from an international customer to provide the latest Skyguard 3 air defence systems.