Rheinmetall has secured a contract from Bundeswehr, the unified German Armed Forces, to upgrade Fuchs / Fox armoured NBC reconnaissance vehicle.

Under the contract, Rheinmetall will modernise five A6A1 versions of the vehicle to the new A8A7 configuration.

The works are slated to begin this month and are expected to complete by July 2024. Rheinmetall aims to start delivering the upgraded versions to Bundeswehr in 2023.

The order secures jobs Rheinmetall’s Kassel plant. In the future, the Bundeswehr may also look to upgrade its 22 remaining Fuchs / Fox armoured NBC reconnaissance vehicles to the new A8A7 configuration.

Since 1979, Bundeswehr has fielded several versions of the Fuchs / Fox armoured transport vehicles. More than 100 units of such vehicles were also deployed in Afghanistan.

Overall, around 1,600 Fuchs / Fox vehicles were built to date. Several armed forces have purchased different variants of the vehicle to meet their requirements.

These include armoured personnel carriers, mobile command posts, field ambulances and NBC reconnaissance vehicles.

The latest version of the Fuchs / Fox is the 1A8 variant, which offers greater protection against mines and improvised explosive devices compared to earlier models.

The Fuchs / Fox 1A8 also features structural alterations of the hull, new seats and seat suspensions in the fighting compartment, additional storage bins, and reinforcement of the vehicle exterior.

The Bundeswehr has more than 940 Fuchs / Fox vehicles in its inventory, including 267 1A8 variants.

Last year, Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) secured a contract to upgrade and sustain the British Army’s Fuchs CBRN reconnaissance vehicles and training simulator.