Rheinmetall and helmet manufacturer Galvion have secured a contract to deliver advanced combat helmets to Bundeswehr, the unified armed forces of Germany.

The contract, with a ‘lower two-digit million-euro range’ value, involves the delivery of up to 20,000 helmets, specifically the ‘Combat Helmet, Special Forces, Heavy’.

An initial order of 5,000 units was already placed with the companies.

As agreed, Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics in Stockach, Germany, will be responsible for the deliveries.

The framework contract is for five years with a two-year extension option.

The new helmets are designed to improve the combat effectiveness of troops during infantry-type operations. They will also enhance protection and enable personnel to wear level-dependent hearing protection and night vision devices comfortably.

According to Rheinmetall, the order positions the company to compete for other potential major orders that involve supplying military head gears.

Last month, the company started delivering roll-off tipper vehicles to BwFuhrparkService (BwFPS), a military services provider to Bundeswehr.

The procurement of these hook lift-equipped TGS 8×4 trucks will boost Bundeswehr’s logistical capabilities and operational readiness.

Rheinmetall is also supporting Bundeswehr with the modernisation of the Marder infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), a programme that will increase the service life of these combat vehicles.

The company is supplying the German armed forces with Saphir 2.6 MK thermal imaging aiming devices and other components.

The addition of Saphir 2.6 MK devices will improve the IFV’s reconnaissance and target engagement capabilities.