German defence contractor Rheinmetall has developed the new RSG60 60mm mortar, which can be used by both infantry and Special Forces.

The 15.8kg standard infantry version of the RSG60 can be configured into a 6.8kg commando mortar variant in around 30s with some manual adjustments.

The standard variant is capable of achieving a range of up to 3,200m, based on the type of ammunition and charges that are used. It can also provide a range of up to 3,700m when equipped with a 30cm-long barrel.

According to the company, the commando mortar version can offer a range of up to 2,000m.

In October 2017, the company began the development of this new indirect fire system at its Rheinmetall Waffe Munition division.

Rheinmetall aimed to design a lightweight, future-oriented weapon system with a focus on speed and ergonomics.

The RSG60 exhibits a nearly 70cm-long steel barrel wrapped over with carbon fibre. This offers a reduced transport weight and provides necessary stability while firing.

The base plate is made of carbon fibre composite material, which can be separated to transform it into a lightweight commando mortar.

Rheinmetall noted that the system can be set up for firing in seconds and has completed several rounds of test firing.

The Australian division of Rheinmetall recently selected seven local small businesses for two major projects involving the delivery of military vehicles to the Australian Army.