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Rheinmetall has started delivering the HX 8×8 vehicles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as part of the German government’s initiative to support the war-torn nation.

The company is under double-digit-million-euro contract to provide a total of 26 high-mobility hook loading trucks to Ukraine.

The new logistic trucks are a part of Rheinmetall’s HX family of vehicles.

Built by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles, HX trucks are designed to provide maximum durability and mobility to the forces.

Apart from this contract, the company is also involved in the German government’s other efforts to support the Ukrainian forces.

One of the activities will see Rheinmetall’s subsidiary Zeppelin Mobile Systeme to deliver turnkey field hospitals to Ukraine in 2023.

Besides, Rheinmetall is supporting Germany’s Ringtausch programme that allows the European neighbours and Nato partners to deliver former Soviet production military equipment to Ukraine in exchange of available systems from the West.

Recently, Rheinmetall handed over its new swap body trucks to the Slovenian military under the Ringtausch effort.

In another development, the Danish government has allocated $42.78m (DKK300m) additional funds to strengthen combat capabilities of the Ukrainian forces.

The funds will be donated to the UK-led International Fund for Ukraine (IFU) foundation, which is responsible for procuring military equipment and weapons for supporting Ukraine.

The amount has been provided from Denmark’s Ministry of Defence’s National Compromise reserve.

Danish Defence Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen said: “Ukraine’s fight for freedom is also our and Europe’s fight for freedom.

“Therefore, government, together with parties in Folketing, has decided to donate an additional DKK300m to Ukraine.

“The government will continue Denmark’s support to Ukrainians both financially, militarily and humanitarianly.”

Earlier this year, Denmark, Germany and Norway signed a joint agreement to transfer 16 ZUZANA-2 howitzers from Slovakia to Ukraine.