German manufacturer Rheinmetall has partnered with American uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) maker AeroVironment for the Nato tactical drone project.

The US company, along with Rheinmetall Technical Publications, submitted an application expressing intent to compete for the project.

According to information provided by Rheinmetall, the Nato project involves the procurement of a small UAS and the team is ‘ideally suited for developing and putting forward a compelling solution’.

The Nato special forces project is looking for a system that can be launched by hand, weighs up to 10kg, and has a 30km operating range.

In addition, the system is required to be able to function in all weather conditions and settings.

It should also allow special operation forces and infantrymen to deploy it quickly.

Both the companies will leverage their respective expertise in developing tactical drones and UASs.

AeroVironment has designed, developed, and manufactured the Puma 3 All Environment (AE) UAS.

This battle-proven, lightweight UAS is an all-environment aircraft, easier to launch by hand, and offers 2.5 hours of flight endurance.

The modular version of the UAS is expected to offer “the optimum platform for a small UAS for special forces,” said Rheinmetall.

The Puma 3 AE in currently in service with several armed forces across the globe.

Rheinmetall Technical Publications is a certified aviation technology company that possesses the required experience to support and modify drone systems as per the specifications stated by a customer.