Ravenswood Solutions has secured a contract from the Royal Netherlands Army Command to provide a kit for modular augmented reality tracking equipment for observers (MARTE-O).

MARTE-O is an augmented reality (AR) system that enables training of military forward observers.

The system has a power-efficient and wearable design. The solution comprises a binocular module, head-mounted display, sensor and graphics modules, and a tablet device to operate the system.

Ravenswood developed MARTE-O in partnership with SRI International and Lockheed Martin under a contract with the Office of Naval Research for use by the US Marine Corps.

MARTE-O is positioned as a cost-effective training solution and can simulate vehicles, aircraft and munitions.

AR plays a key role in training fire observers and tactical air controllers. It can be used anywhere and enables troops to train with convenience and accessibility.

The technology allows forces to operate without range, weather or aircraft and munitions ability boundaries.

Forces can make use of the MARTE-O kit to train at actual ranges in adverse conditions in areas such as calling for close air support (CAS), artillery, naval gunfire, and casualty evacuation (CASEVAC).

The system will also allow training on non-traditional ranges such as an urban metropolis or a no-fly zone.

Observers will have the opportunity to gradually and exponentially improve their skills with each evolution.

Troops can train regularly as opposed to once a year. MARTE-O will also allow troops who are not specialised fire observers or controllers to undergo training for incidental fire support.

In a statement, Ravenswood added: “Finally, MARTE-O conserves financial and environmental resources while contributing to a safer, controlled training environment.”

The company noted that the solution will transition observers from classroom Virtual Reality (VR) simulators to personnel-worn AR devices.