QinetiQ has teamed up with KBR and PA Consulting to compete for the British Army’s upcoming initiative, the Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP).

The CTTP focuses on providing an integrated, expeditionary, and digitalised Future Collective Training System that can deliver the necessary training to the forces, anywhere across the globe, as/when required.

This work will be supported by a team of industry partners or strategic training partners.

The three companies have formed a team, called Team Paladin, to propose a transformative next-generation training solution for the Army.

QinetiQ Training and Mission Rehearsal global campaign director Christina Balis said: “Building a long-term trusted relationship with British Army starts with forming strong, cohesive industry team that combines the right capabilities, collaborative behaviours, and long-term commitment to programme.”

If selected as a strategic training partner, Team Paladin claims to bring in ‘best of industry’ solutions that will transform the British Army’s collective training enterprise, and also enhance the overall experience of soldiers and commanders.

The companies will combine their individual expertise in the design and development of collective training capabilities, as well as the establishment of digital or data-driven technologies for defence customers.

KBR Land Environment strategic development director Geoff Maple said: “Building on our joint global scale, the experience of Frontline, dedicated collective training, and data-driven approaches, we will offer soldier-focused support to the future of the British Army’s collective training.”

The selection of the strategic training partner for the programme is scheduled to be completed by 2025.

Over the next two years, the companies will work together with other industry partners to hone and customise proposed solutions to meet the Army’s ‘ever-evolving’ needs for data-driven collective training.

Raytheon UK recently announced the formation of the Omnia Training industrial team to compete for CTTP