A consortium of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) and Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne (WZM) has secured a long-term contract to overhaul Poland’s BWP-1 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs).

Awarded by Polish Army’s 2nd Regional Logistics Base, the contract is valued at around $26.27m (PLN100m) gross.

Work will include major repair works of 31 vehicles and maintenance overhauls of nine other BWP-1 IFVs under the guaranteed contract. The agreement also includes an option of two overhauls and three maintenance overhauls.

The deal will be executed between 2022 and 2024, with the first deliveries scheduled next year.

PGZ management board president Sebastian Chwałek said: “Infantry fighting vehicles are invariably the basis of the equipment of the land forces, which is why it is so important to ensure their proper efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of this equipment.

“I am glad that, in parallel to the work on Borsuk, we can secure the renovation area and use the competences of the Poznań WZM, the more so that the signed contract allows for an increase in the number of BWP renovated in the coming years.”

PGZ is a state-owned defence enterprise in Poland. It focuses on manufacturing defence systems and solutions for Polish Armed Forces and allied formations.

The group specialises in modern radiolocation and radar systems, wheeled armoured transporters, rifles and optoelectronics, barrel artillery, unmanned air systems and systems supporting battle filed management.

WZM focuses on rehabilitating armoured, tracked and wheeled equipment. It has been active in the Polish defence market for more than 70 years.