Patria has signed a frame agreement with Finland and Latvia for the joint 6×6 armoured wheeled vehicle system’s production phase management.

The agreement allows the three parties to carry out joint procurement management of the vehicle development programme.

It follows a technical agreement signed last year between the two countries to develop a common armoured wheeled vehicle system.

A Patria 6×6 vehicle chassis platform was selected for the project.

Simultaneously, Latvia and Patria have signed a supply contract that includes more than 200 units of 6×6 armoured personnel carriers (APC).

This contract also includes the delivery of associated support and training systems.

In May, the Latvian Armed Forces tested Patria’s 6×6 vehicle during a live demo tour held in Latvia as part of the joint development programme.

According to Patria, vehicle deliveries are expected to happen between this year and 2029.

Furthermore, Finland and Patria also signed a letter of intent (LoI) on the upcoming serial order.

Patria president and CEO Esa Rautalinko said: “The serial production start of 6×6 vehicles is a significant milestone for us, and we at Patria are proud of providing our expertise in the joint programme, which offers a very cost-effective solution for the participating countries.

“We believe that this will certainly be of interest also to other countries which are keen on enhancing their army mobility.”

The 6×6 platform is a terrain mobility vehicle featuring an efficient power unit with independent suspension, which is also seen in the Patria armoured modular vehicle (AMV).

Patria Land business unit president Jussi Järvinen said: “Patria 6×6 vehicle is our latest product combining excellent off-road mobility and ease of use. Long lifecycle and efficient maintainability make it very cost-efficient to operate.

“It adapts to several mission needs and provides high versatility to match future needs. We think that Patria 6×6 is simply the best of the market for this purpose.”