US mobile satellite communications ground terminal developer Pathfinder Digital has secured multiple follow-on contracts from General Dynamics Mission Systems for the production and delivery of BAT-750 MVSAT terminals for use on the US Army Prophet Program.

The company also won follow-on contracts from General Dynamics Mission Systems for upgrades and resets to terminals that were deployed earlier.

BAT-750 is a fly-away and / or vehicle-mount satellite communications terminal that operates in Ku band. BAT-1214 and BAT-850 terminals from PathFinder operate in Ka, Ku and X bands.

PathFinder Digital CEO Roger McGarrahan said: “PathFinder has supplied the Prophet Program its MVSAT terminals since 2010 and continues to develop solutions to meet the program’s evolving needs. We are pleased to have earned the army’s trust in our products and support services.”

The company said that its BAT product line is protected under US Patent #8,867,986 B1.

Prophet is a 24-hour, all-weather, near-real-time, ground-based, tactical signals intelligence / electronic warfare capability for the brigade combat team (BCT), Stryker BCT (SBCT), and battlefield surveillance brigade.

Prophet comprises Prophet Enhanced sensors and a Prophet Control (PC).

The platform-independent Prophet Enhanced modular system for easy integration onto a vehicle supports stationary, on-the-move (mobile) and manpack operations.

Prophet provides actionable intelligence, situational understanding, and force protection. Its tactical mobility allows supported units to easily reposition its collection capability on the battlefield to support evolving situations.

PC/Prophet Analytic Cell (PAC) is the analytical node that tasks the Prophet Enhanced for data collection and reporting.

PathFinder Digital’s mobile satellite communications ground terminals are designed to meet the unique needs of each project, primarily for military and government agency programmes.

The company said that it identifies or develops the best solutions to meet the objectives of each set of communications requirements.

PathFinder claimed that it uses the best available products, re-engineered or developed if necessary, to create effective and cost-beneficial communications solutions for customers.