Palomar Display Products has received three contracts to deliver military display systems for the M1A Abrams tank and Bradley M2/M3 Fighting Vehicle.

The total cost of the firm fixed-price contracts from three undisclosed customers is valued at around $10.2m.

Palomar Display stated that it has designed and tested the optically coupled display systems intended for installation on vehicles delivered to the US Army.

The company will make deliveries for the contracts throughout 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Palomar Display Products president Paul Bell said: “These latest orders fulfil our 2019 and 2020 backlogs and contribute to our 2021 backlog.

“The recurring selection of Palomar Display Products as a sole supplier of such vital equipment to the most advanced fighting vehicles in the world reinforces Palomar’s position as the sole source supplier of thermal sight displays for the US and international armoured vehicle market.”

In 2017, the company secured two separate contracts to provide display systems for the US military’s M1A battle tank.

General Dynamics Land Systems builds the M1 Abrams heavily armoured battle tank for the US Army and US Marine Corps.

The battle tank is also used by land forces in Kuwait, Egypt, Australia, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. The M1 Abrams entered service with the US Army in 1980.

It is equipped with a 1,500-horsepower turbine engine, 120mm main gun, and special armour.

The army’s Abrams fleet consists of the M1A1 SA and the M1A2 SEP version 2 variants.

Earlier this year, the service released the first images of the latest M1A2C Abrams main battle tank.

Palomar Display also won an add-on modification contract to deliver gunner display systems for the tank.