• 13 July 2007

    Speaking Watch gets Ready for Frontline

    Voice recognition technology that will help troops in Iraq communicate with locals may be in production by the end of the year. AHKY, Arabic for speak, is a wrist watch-based...

  • 12 July 2007

    French Defence Industry Pushes for Government Help

    The French defence industry is lobbying politicians for more assistance in securing lucrative foreign contracts. In an industry white paper, firms have demanded a stronger political push to help them...

  • 11 July 2007

    Raytheon to Upgrade DIB Software System

    The US Air Force has awarded Raytheon a contract to develop the next generation of Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Integration Background (DIB). DIB is a software system that allows...

  • 11 July 2007

    General Dynamics Wins US Army Contract

    General Dynamics has won a contract worth $22.5 million to develop components for military vehicles as part of the US Army's modernisation of its network system. The army is restructuring...

  • 10 July 2007

    Lockheed Martin uses SimiGon Technology

    Lockheed Martin says it will use flight simulation software designer SimiGon's technology in its new training computer programme. SimiGon's SIMbox application will be used to run Lockheed's F-35 Lightning II...

  • 10 July 2007

    India and Qatar Sign Defence Equipment Deal

    India and Qatar signed an agreement to produce weapons and equipment together during the Indian Defence Minister's visit to Doha in June this year. Website says the two countries...

  • 9 July 2007

    UK Treasury Plans to Shut Arms Sales Department

    The UK Treasury is planning to shut down the British Government's controversial arms sales department on the grounds that it subsidies major weapons manufacturers such as BAE Systems. The Defence...


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