Orolia Defense & Security will expand its portfolio of position, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions with the acquisition of US firm Talen-X .

Talen-X was founded in 2016 and specialises in advanced global navigation simulation system (GNSS) solutions and interference, detection, and mitigation (IDM) technologies.

The acquisition will expand Orolia Defense & Security’s capabilities and support the development of advanced PNT solutions.

Orolia Defense & Security president Hironori Sasaki said: “Orolia Defense & Security is excited to bring on Talen-X as they offer a complementary portfolio of solutions and bring many years of advanced PNT experience to the team.

“We look forward to continuing their growth by providing additional resources and capabilities while ensuring the growth and success of their current customers.”

Orolia Defense & Security spun-off from parent company Orolia earlier this year. The move was aimed at providing resilient PNT solutions and custom engineering services to US defence organisations and other customers.

The firm is interested in supporting partnerships in the development of PNT solutions for clients in the defence market.

Orolia Defense & Security Engineering director Tim Erbes said: “Our culture of innovation, together with our demonstrated testing capabilities, will complement Orolia’s technology expertise and significantly enhance the reliability, performance and safety of military operations.

“The acquisition also enables Talen-X’s existing resources, operations and capabilities to be scaled and accelerated to better support the warfighter.”

The firm is displaying its latest technologies at Modern Day Marine and Association of the US Army (AUSA) exhibitions.

The technologies include a BroadSim Wavefront GNSS simulator, BroadShield threat detection software, and a ThreatBlocker jamming/spoofing detection and protection device.

BroadShield is a GPS-based interference detection suite designed to offer protection against jamming and spoofing threats.

Orolia’s Simulation and IDM solutions can be used with a range of US military signals, including GPS L1/L2, P, Y, and M-Code.