Norway, a NATO member, has signed a revised agreement to update certain aspects of US military activity in the country.

The new Supplementary Defense Cooperation Agreement (SDCA) will enable the US to build facilities at three Norwegian airfields and one naval base to further enhance cooperation between the two armed forces.

The latest arrangement will also allow infrastructure investments at all four locations, which are Rygge Military Air Station and Airfield, Sola Military Air Station and Airfield, Evenes Military Air Station and Airfield and Ramsund Naval Station.

Furthermore, the US will have unimpeded access to and use of these facilities and areas. However, all activity must adhere to relevant laws and respect the sovereignty and international legal obligations of Norway.

All US military presence, training and exercises will be regulated in accordance with SDCA. The agreement also offers a framework to build cooperation between Norwegian and US authorities regarding activities and operational and security issues.

The SDCA will become effective after it is ratified by the Storting (Norwegian parliament).

Norwegian Minister of Defence Frank Bakke-Jensen said: “The United States of America is Norway’s most important ally, and we have shared more than 70 years of close, constructive defence cooperation.

“The agreement both updates and further develops the agreements and cooperation already in place between Norway and the US. The agreement will play a vital role in ensuring Norwegian security within the framework of Nato.”

The agreement is open-ended in-principle, but it can be terminated with one year’s notice following an initial term of ten years.