Northrop Grumman has achieved a new milestone in the production of its guided multiple launch rocket system (GMLRS) propulsion system.

The 10,000th GMLRS propulsion system has been delivered by the company for integration into the US Army’s GMLRS missiles.

Integration work will be carried out at Lockheed Martin’s final assembly facility in Arkansas.

Northrop Grumman missile products vice-president Rebecca Torzone said: “Our investment in digital technologies has helped us to more efficiently produce our GMLRS insensitive munitions propulsion systems while increasing weapon safety on the battlefield.”

To fulfil the growing demand for its GMLRS and related systems from the US Army and other DoD services, the company has built a production plant at the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory in Rocket Centre.

This centre uses lean manufacturing and digital engineering techniques, according to the company.

The facility supports the design, development and manufacturing of the weapon system components.

The company’s insensitive munition (IM) compliant propulsion system includes a solid rocket motor (SRM), which incorporates IM-improving technologies and an ignition safety device to enhance the safety of the weapon system.

The GMLRS missile is a free-flight rocket designed to engage targets at distances from 13km to 70km, and is very effective against embedded targets.

The production of the missiles is an international cooperative programme between the US, Italy, France, Germany,  and the UK. It is supported by international customers such as Japan, Jordan, Singapore and the UAE.