Q-Warrior helmet

US military researchers are currently testing the Q-Warrior helmet mounted display (HMD) system designed by BAE Systems to enhance the situational awareness of dismounted personnel.

Q-Warrior is primarily designed for the identification of hostile and non-hostile forces, and for the coordination of small unit actions.

BAE Systems soldier systems business development lead Paul Wright said that the helmet improves the user’s situational awareness by displaying textual information, warnings and threats.

"Other key features include enhanced night vision, waypoints and routing information, and the ability to track both personnel and assets," Wright added.

Designed and built at BAE’s electronic systems unit in Rochester, Kent, the helmet introduces a high transmission and high luminance see-through display that incorporates a high-resolution colour collimated display to facilitate the use of symbols and video to blend intuitively with the user’s view of the world. It also features a large eye-motion box to enable users to make relatively large movements of the helmet while continuing to maintain their view of the display.

Initially deployed at the section commander level, Q-Warrior is expected to become an essential piece of kit for every soldier in the future.

Image: Q-Warrior is designed to provide more real-time visual data to soldiers and special forces personnel. Photo: BAE Systems.

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