SCI Technology has secured multiple production awards for the tactical operations center intercommunications system (TOCNET) intercommunications system (ICS) from the US military.

The company will supply more than 2,200 fully equipped ICS kits for installation on a range of US military tactical wheeled vehicles.

SCI Business Development director Malcolm Mason said: "TOCNET was the first software-defined ICS, originally developed to address the tactical networking ICS requirements of Army Command Post environments.

"It remains the world’s most robust and capable ICS solution."

"These requirements have migrated to the tactical vehicle environment, where SCI Technology has been fielding and improving TOCNET for years."

SCI president Mike Underwood said: "SCI is proud to have deployed the TOCNET system to so many military users, who have used it for linking critical assets together; helping achieve mission overmatch.

"We continue to invest in TOCNET to ensure it remains the world’s most robust and capable ICS solution."

TOCNET is an off-the-shelf digital intercommunications system designed to bridge mission critical intersystem communications to large networks across the battlefield.

Tens of thousands of TOCNET ICS solutions have been delivered by SCI to the US Army and Marine Corps, in support of programmes that include fixed and mobile shelters and vehicle platforms.

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