Kratos Defense & Security Solutions (KTOS) has received a contract from the US Army for development of a transient aero-thermal analysis capability, for testing of high-speed vehicle thermal protection systems (TPS).

The $2m contract was awarded by the Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) to KTOS’ Defense & Rocket Support Services (DRSS) division, under its broad agency announcement (BAA) high speed systems test science and technology (HSST S&T) test technology area (TTA) programme.

The new capability created under research and technology development contract is expected to facilitate rapid and precise thermal modelling of present and envisioned high speed weapons systems.

Kratos’ DRSS division president Dave Carter said: "We are extremely excited to share our expertise in high speed / hypersonic system toolset development that can be utilised for both government and commercial applications on land, sea, or in space."

"We are extremely excited to share our expertise in high speed / hypersonic system toolset development."

The HSST S&T TTA project is being financed by the Test Resource Management Center’s (Trmc) test and evaluation / science and technology (T&E/S&T) programme through the PEO STRI, under contract no. W900KK-13-C-0061, according to the company.

The programme specifically intends to develop technologies that facilitate robust, precise, and timely testing and evaluation (T&E) of the under production high-speed / hypersonic weapons, designed to ensure the continued military superiority and strike capability of the US.

Besides ground testing and open-air range flight test, the technologies can also be employed for advanced computational tools, along with instrumentation and diagnostics systems that are likely to be used both in ground tests and flight tests of high speed systems.

The contract’s performance period and additional details remain undisclosed.

Kratos has also secured a $5.6m contract to manufacture equipment in support of an undisclosed US Department of Defense (DoD) programme.

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