Power Analytics has been awarded a contract for delivery of its Paladin DesignBase software to the US Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC).

The software will be installed at AMRDEC System Simulation and Development Directorate’s (SSDD) new energy and environment systems laboratory, located in Huntsville, Alaska, US.

Power Analytics public sector business development vice president Rex Luzader said: "We are excited to assist SSDD in establishing their new smart grid lab and providing valuable modelling tools to enable the design of smart grids for expeditionary forward operating base microgrids."

"SSDD will use the DesignBase software to design and enhance smart microgrids for energy security and reliability."

Selection was based on the Center for Electromechanics at the University of Texas at Austin’s report, ‘Modeling and Simulation Roadmap to Enhance Electrical Energy Security of US Naval Bases’, according to Luzader.

SSDD will use the DesignBase software to design and enhance smart microgrid/command centres for energy security and reliability, as well as to safeguard soldiers’ lives through reduction in fuel consumption by diesel generators, which are used to provide energy in the battlefield.

Launched in 2006, the Paladin DesignBase is a power systems engineering modelling platform designed to provide professionals with an ability to efficiently create mission-critical computer-aided design (CAD) models for smart grid and alternative energy projects.

Originally used by the Center for Electromechanics at UT Austin for smart grid research, the software is capable of creating a robust electrical design base, which represents a comprehensive knowledge base of all the components, processes and performance specifications of an entire electrical distribution system.

Together with Paladin Live platform, the software helps power system operators to model electrical networks for simulation in Blackboard environments for future network planning.