Dozer-B vehicle

Ukroboronprom has carried out testing on the Dozor-B light armoured vehicle at a firing range in Chuguev, Kharkov region, Ukraine.

The Kharkiv morozov machine-building design bureau (KMDB) conducted the firing testing, which forms part of a framework of preparations to launch the vehicle’s serial production and induction into service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard.

The test results proved the quality of the technical specifications of the 4×4 infantry mobility vehicle, which is designed to transport personnel and cargo loads.

KMDB chief Oleksandr Katorgin said: "Force units of Ukraine do require this vehicle. It’s mobile, manoeuvrable, and well protected.

"It will definitely expand the possibilities of the National Guard units during the anti-terrorist operation (ATO)."

Privately developed by KMDB since 2004, the all-terrain armoured personnel carrier (APC) is suitable for both cross-country and road surfaces, and provides protection against small arms and weapons of mass destruction. It can transport 11 people.

"Force units of Ukraine do require this vehicle. It’s mobile, manoeuvrable, and well protected."

The vehicle’s fuel consumption is claimed to be at least three times less compared with the BTR-80 armoured personnel carrier, while the price and maintenance costs are several times lower.

KMDB specialists also tested the BTR-80 armoured personnel carrier at the same test range.

The National Guard of Ukraine Academy exploitation and repair of cars and vehicles chief Ruslan Kaidalov said BTR-4E’s combat capacities made Ukrainian units more powerful and better protected.

"This APC significantly changed the passage of events during [the] ATO for the benefit of Ukrainian servicemen," Kaidalov said.

Image: Kharkiv morozov machine-building design bureau specialists evaluate the new Dozor-B light armoured vehicle. Photo: courtesy of Ukroboronprom.

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