The UK Government has signed an agreement to increase collaboration on NATO‘s military training exercises aimed at countering new threats faced by the alliance.

Under the terms of the agreement, the country’s flagship series of military exercises, code-named Joint Warrior, will officially become part of Nato’s exercise programme, from next month.

Claimed to be one of the Europe’s largest air, land and sea training exercises, Joint Warrior will involve participation from up to 12,000 soldiers from more than a dozen Nato nations and close partners, 58 warships and submarines, as well as more than 50 fixed-wing aircraft.

Britain will deploy an Army Brigade Headquarters and Battlegroup, a Naval Task Force including helicopter carrier, assault ship, a frigate and Mine Counter Measure Vessel and the Typhoon fighter aircraft.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said: "These exercises showcase the breadth of the UK’s military capability and demonstrate the strength of the Nato Alliance.

"We will continue to play a leading role in Nato and, by working together with our Allies, we send a clear message to those who threaten us, that the UK and Nato have the military capabilities, resolve and ability to support our Eastern Allies and defend our own waters and airspace."

"These exercises showcase the breadth of the UK’s military capability and demonstrate the strength of the Nato Alliance."

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: "Exercise Joint Warrior provides realistic training platforms for our armed forces, testing the vast capabilities of the three services while working very closely alongside our Allies.

"Making it part of the Nato programme will act as a timely reminder to the world of just how proud and powerful the alliance is."

Joint Warrior will prepare soldiers for Nato’s next exercise, dubbed Trident Juncture, which is scheduled to be conducted in the Iberian Peninsula between September and November this year.

Nato will hold a training exercise involving around 850 UK troops, in preparation for HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps becoming the standby Joint Task Force Headquarters in 2015 to 16 timeframe.

In addition, Exercise Arrcade Fusion will be conducted in the Baltic States by the end of the year and will contribute to the development of Nato’s Very High Readiness Joint Taskforce, which the UK will be the lead nation on once it is established in 2017.

Image: Britain has agreed to increase collaboration with Nato on its military training exercises. Photo: Crown copyright.