The UK Ministry of Defence will deliver medical aid kits to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) to support its need for life-saving equipment.

The decision follows the Ukrainian Government’s request for help in its fight with rebels in the eastern part of the country.

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: "We are committed to helping Ukraine defend its territorial integrity and this builds on packages of support and training we have already provided.

"It will help the UAF treat casualties, strengthen their defensive capability and build their resilience."

"We are committed to helping Ukraine defend its territorial integrity."

Around £500,000 worth of first aid kits will be supplied to the UAF to treat casualties who have been injured in the conflict.

In November, the UK agreed to provide additional equipment worth nearly £1m to support the soldiers during winter.

The equipment included 170 large tents, 170 heating units, and 600 sets of cold weather clothing.

A UK training programme has also been established to enhance the medical and survival skills of the Ukrainian soldiers.

The soldiers are also being trained in logistics, urban defensive operations, and media planning.

The two warring groups signed a ceasefire in Belarusian capital Minsk last February.

However, heavy artillery continues to take place on the border, with each party accusing the other of violating the deal.

While supporting Ukraine, the UK and the European Union is encouraging reforms in the country to overcome economic losses.

UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond was quoted by Reuters as saying: "We understand the pressures the Ukrainian Government is under internally, but we continually remind them of their obligations under Minsk."