SAGEM has been awarded a contract for the supply of its JIM Long Range (LR) multifunction cooled infrared (IR) binoculars as part of The British Army‘s Long Range Thermal Imager programme.

The £5m contract has been awarded by Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), under which the company will also provide training for users and maintenance staff personnel.

The selection was based on the JIM LR proven operational capability in severe combat environments, detection and identification performance, and a complete multimedia service designed to support a real-time intelligence cycle.

The JIM LR binoculars will feature new functions enabling British soldiers to successfully carry out their missions, in particular when facing asymmetrical threats.

The features include image fusion between IR and visible channels, to penetrate camouflage during the day, along with all-weather vision through smoke and the ability to record images and videos through a USB port.

The multifunction binoculars will provide British infantry units with enhanced operational capabilities for conducting collaborative combat, threat detection, target acquisition and intelligence-gathering for the command and contact units.

Compact and ergonomic, the JIM LR incorporates a number of advanced features including day/night vision, range finding, laser pointer, North seeker, Global Positioning System (GPS) and data transmission in a single portable optronics package.

Based on identical interfaces including batteries, connectors, accessories, the binoculars are interoperable with various systems and equipment, such as monitors and computers.

The handheld and self-powered binoculars are also used for military and security applications by several NATO forces’ infantry, artillery, intelligence, forward observers, special-mission, border and coast guard units.

Around 5,000 JIM LR binoculars have been delivered by the company to the armies worldwide, including 2,000 for French armed forces.