Over the next decade, the UK Ministry of Defence is planning to spend around £800m on its defence innovation initiative to tackle future threats.

With the initiative, the government hopes to work with allies and partners, including the US, to gain an operational advantage over its enemies.

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: "As the threats we face grow, it is vital that we harness innovation.

"We will ensure that we stay ahead of our enemies."

"By using our rising defence budget to create a new fund backed by £800m of new investment, we will ensure that we stay ahead of our enemies. I hope and expect Scottish companies will be heavily involved in this initiative."

As part of the initiative, the ministry is planning to create entities to study new security technologies, including the emerging technology and innovation analysis cell (ETIAC).

ETIAC is expected to work with universities and corporations to develop new defences against threats to Britain’s national security.

The government also came up with defence growth partnership (DGP) innovation challenge, the winners of which include Amethyst Research in Glasgow, Helia Photonics in West Lothian, and the University of Strathclyde. These corporations have been given the opportunity to develop new technologies to tackle threats.

The ministry anticipates that the investments and partnerships will facilitate development of new ideas, and deliver transformative military capabilities for the future.