The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed that additional military forces have deployed to support Afghan National Defence and Security Force’s (ANSF) attempts to suppress the Taliban surge in Sangin, Helmand province.

A MoD spokesperson said: "As part of the UK’s ongoing contribution to Nato’s Resolute Support Mission, a small number of UK personnel have deployed to Camp Shorabak in Helmand Province in an advisory role. These personnel are part of a larger NATO team, which is providing advice to the Afghan National Army.

"They are not deployed in a combat role and will not deploy outside the camp."

"They are not deployed in a combat role and will not deploy outside the camp. In total the UK has around 450 troops in Afghanistan mentoring and supporting the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces and the Afghan Security Ministries."

Taliban has been trying to gain control of the Sangin province in order to increase its mobility in the north of the country.

In August this year, the terrorist group seized control of Musa Qala in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

In December, most foreign forces deployed in the country were withdrawn leaving about 12,000 Nato troops to train Afghan forces to combat the terrorist forces.

Last year, the UK ended its 13-year combat operations in Afghanistan by handing over Camp Bastion to Afghan forces.

However, the country still maintains about 450 troops in mentoring and support roles.