Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), along with Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM), Sikorsky Aircraft and other domestic aerospace contractors, will manufacture helicopters for the Turkish Armed Forces.

Under previously signed agreements worth $3.5bn, 109 T70 helicopters will be built by TAI as a prime contractor, Sikorsky Aircraft as a major subcontractor, and Turkey’s Aselsan, TEI and Alp Aviation as other contractors.

The helicopters are Turkish variants of Sikorsky’s S-70i International Black Hawk helicopter.

They will be delivered to the Turkish Land Forces, Turkish Air Force, General Command of Gendarme, Special Forces, Turkish National Police, and the General Directorate of Forestry over the next ten years.

TAI will carry out manufacturing, final assembly operations, tests and integrated logistics support for all airframe structures and composite rotor blades.

Turkish Engine Industries (TEI) will build engines under a licence from General Electric.

Aselsan will develop and integrate basic avionics, as well co-develop an enhanced digital cockpit known as the integrated modular avionics system (IMAS) with Sikorsky.

Alp Aviation will be responsible for the production and assembly of landing gears, gearbox and dynamic components.

According to a statement posted on TAI’s website, Turkish Utility Helicopter Program will help Turkey to meet utility helicopter requirements.

Image: TAI will produce 109 T70 helicopters. Photo: courtesy of Turkish Aerospace Industries