HYLAS-2 satellite

Polish satellite access service provider TS2 Satellite Technologies has introduced new Ka-band satellite services to its strategic customers in Afghanistan, to assis coalition troops in the region.

The services are provided using HYLAS 2, a geostationary high throughput satellite manufactured by Orbital Sciences Corporation and operated by Avanti Communications Group to provide broadband communications.

"The satellite is capable of offering high-speed, low-cost, two-way data transmission and additional services."

Equipped with 24 Ku-band transmitting and six receiving transponders, the satellite is capable of offering high-speed, low-cost, two-way data transmission and additional services for individuals, corporations and government agencies in rapidly growing foreign markets.

With a throughput nearly three times as high as that of HYLAS 1 and estimated life of more than 15 years, the satellite will principally be used by TS2 to provide access to the internet and all IP services fully independent of terrestrial connections, guaranteed voiceover internet protocol (VoIP), virtual private network (VPN), and videoconferencing connections.

Additional offerings include backbone and corporate network solutions, backhaul satellite solutions for GSM network to expand cellular telephony reach, as well as ensured communications in the event of terrestrial network failures.

In addition to Afghanistan, the company is set to launch the first commercial links in selected African and East European nations, in addition to Poland.

The HYLAS 2 satellite was successfully launched onboard an Ariane Flight VA208 rocket into the orbit at 31°E from Guyana Space Centre at Kourou in French Guyana in August 2012, extending Avanthi’s coverage to Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

TS2 also supplies satellite communications systems for coalition troops and international firms operating in Afghanistan.

Image: An artist’s depiction of HYLAS 2 satellite in the orbit. Photo: © Crown copyright 2010.

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