Cascavel vehicle

Thales has been awarded a contract for delivery of additional SOTAS communication systems for various vehicle programmes of the Brazilian army.

Under the contract, the company will supply undisclosed number of systems in support of the new Guarani vehicle, the Cascavel, the M113 and the Urutu refurbishment programmes.

The contract also includes a transfer of maintenance to the end-user.

The Brazilian army had purchased the first batch of Sotas systems in 2011 for testing in various armoured vehicles.

Brazilian Army Commander of Communications and Electronic Warfare (CCOMGEX) Division general Antonino dos Santos Guerra Neto said the system has been tested in a range of operational situations and has met their stringent requirements in every respect.

Thales radio communication products business vice-president Hervé Derrey said: "Sotas is one of the most advanced communication solutions for the digitisation of the battlespace and will enable Brazilian forces to dramatically increase situational awareness at all levels of the command structure."

"Sotas is one of the most advanced communication solutions for the digitisation of the battlespace."

Designed for use in armoured and utility vehicles, SOTAS establishes an integrated end-to-end information and communication network for shared situational awareness between crew members inside a vehicle and externally with all in-service combat net radios and field cables.

SOTAS is a highly modular star network featuring a central digital voice switch and several crew stations with coaxial two-wire interconnections to ensure easy installation and error-free operation.

The intercom system serves as the centre of all voice and data communications in the Guarani vehicle, integrating various sensors, data terminals and radios. It can be easily adapted and upgraded at any time due to its modular concept, with minimal impact on the existing installation.

Deliveries are scheduled to take place in June.

Image: Thales SOTAS intercom system will be installed on Brazilian Army’s Cascave larmoured vehicle. Photo: courtesy of Edurcastro28.

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