Thales, along with its partner RUAG Defence, will provide a next-generation simulation system for two of the French Army's combat training centres.

Under a contract from the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA), the company will install its CERBERE instrumented tactical engagement simulation system at the Sissonne and Mailly-le-Camp army training bases.

Using this system, modern armed forces will be able to track and analyse every phase of a tactical engagement while training for a more digital battlefield.

The CERBERE system also allows land forces to train under real operational conditions.

"Pyrotechnic devices and smoke grenades are also used to simulate real battlefield conditions."

According to the company, the open architecture of the system supports the incorporation of new technologies in the future.

French army personnel taking part in training exercises are issued with laser transmitters and receivers, which simulate weapon firing.

A high-performance positioning system reports positions and engagements across a high-speed data network in near real-time, Thales stated.

Pyrotechnic devices and smoke grenades are also used to simulate real battlefield conditions, in order to help personnel experience combat situations that closely resemble live missions.

Additionally, Thales is providing a communication infrastructure for tactical situation tracking and combat supervision.

The CERBERE system includes an after-action review function to analyse collective or individual manoeuvres after the mission.

The after-action review function completes the learning process in combined-arms training and improves the operational performance of units in the field.