Supacat has launched Supacat Team Australia, consisting of 15 Australian partner companies, to further strengthen its position to bid, build and deliver for the Australian JP2097 Ph 1B (REDFIN) programme.

The UK-based company had offered its Special Forces HMT Extenda vehicle to the Australian Defence Material Office (DMO).

The vehicle proposed by Supacat offers capability improvements that include firepower, protection, capacity, operability and safety.

The REDFIN 1B vehicle is similar to the Nary HMT fleet, which was delivered to the DMO by Supacat in October 2009.

The DMO is expected to finalise the successful bidder by the end of this year.

Supacat has delivered over 500 HMT vehicles, including Jackal and Coyote models, to the DMO and the UK Ministry of Defence for use in Afghanistan.