SpotterRF has unveiled the first production units of its M80 man-portable surveillance radar to enhance situational awareness of the individual war-fighter in the battlefield.

The 3lb M80 surveillance radar is designed for use in high-clutter environments, specifically for perimeter security of high-value facilities near urban locations. The radar can be integrated with Cue cameras to provide live imagery including range, azimuth angle, velocity and location of moving targets, which can be viewed on multiple platforms including Google Earth or FalconView using a laptop or mobile device.

The compact radar is capable of accurately tracking moving personnel in range and angle at a distance of 500m within a coverage area of nearly 40 acres and can be rapidly deployed using a standard CAT5 Ethernet cable. Capable of performing stand-alone surveillance operations, the radar has a very low power consumption of 9W, and can run for 17 hours on a single BA 2590 battery.

Currently, the US Army and US Marines use several integrated force protection systems including IR cameras, base expeditionary targeting and surveillance sensors-combined (BETSS-C), and the ground-based operational surveillance system (GBOSS) to support surveillance missions. The systems employ large radar (GSR) and high-power IR cameras for threat detection and have proven to be effective at forward operating bases (FOBs).

However, due to cost and support requirements, these systems could not be used by many smaller groups in combat outposts (COPs) and firebases. SpotterRF CEO Logan Harris said: "The M80 represents a game-changing solution for force protection. With this type of SWAP (size, weight and power) it is now possible to get a miniature G-BOSS system in a backpack."