AURA Systems has been awarded a contract for the supply of additional 16KW Vehicle-Integrated Primary Electrical Resource (VIPER) mobile power systems to the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army.

The latest order brings the total number of systems ordered by the Korean Army to 2,137 units under the National Recreation Reservation System (NRRS) programme, about 80% of which will be delivered over the next four years.

The VIPER is an axially symmetric mobile power generator and vehicles power management system that uses rotating energy from an engine to deliver both AC and DC power, on location, for military applications.

A ruggedised version of the AuraGen axial flux induction generator, the Viper is designed to operate under extreme conditions ranging from -40°F to 125°F featuring 30-minute submersible capacity.

The air-drop certified Viper systems provide 16KW of three-phase 220VAC power and are designed to be integrated into a mobile radar system.

Meanwhile, the company is also developing approximately 12,500 additional Viper units in anticipation of orders for an additional four military programmes.

However, the decision to use Aura’s Viper on the additional programmes is expected to be announced in the next six months with no assurances regarding when or if such other contracts will materialise.

Aura CEO, Melvin Gagerman, said: "Some of the upcoming new programmes will require integration of the VIPER solution with sophisticated advance systems being provided by KIA motors, LIGNEX1, and Samsung Tales."

The VIPER has been used for battle-field operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Balkan regions by the US Army and Special Forces units.

Deliveries under the new contract are expected to commence this month and will take place in seven different programmes having a value of approximately $13m and will also include 600 systems from the previously awarded 1,000-system order.