Saab has been awarded a contract to continue the provision of support and services for the UK Army’s direct fire weapon effects simulator (DFWES) system.

Awarded by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Skr220m ($34m) contract covers an additional three years.

Saab Training and Simulation vice-president and managing director Henrik Hojer said: "This new contract, extending the use of the capability, is proof of the strong relationship between Saab and the British Army, and a renewal of our commitment as a highly trusted overall training provider to a leading military customer."

Manufactured by Saab Training Systems, the DFWES is an appended precision laser based tactical engagement system for vehicles, armour and anti-tank weapons in force-on-force exercises. It simulates the effect of weapon engagements and enables realistic and challenging training.

"The DFWES is an appended precision laser based tactical engagement system."

Based on the Saab BT46 laser simulators, it features an attack weapons effects simulator (ATWES) that facilitates the replication of weapon systems fire, and target effects simulator (TAGWES), which highlights the vulnerability of the platform to different weapon types, while enabling it to be attacked by ATWES-equipped vehicles.

With the DFWES, it is claimed the UK Army has been able to increase military force and unit operational combat effectiveness, and training effectiveness of combat manoeuvres, and also improve personnel skills, motivation, and confidence.

Delivered between 1994 and 2001, the systems are being used by the army at Salisbury Plain, UK, the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS), Canada, and at Sennelager, Germany.

Saab has been operationally supporting the DFWES system since 1995.

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