Saab has been awarded a two year contract extension by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to continue deliveries of the Deployable Tactical Engagement Simulation training system (DTES) managed service to The British Army.

Under the £11.7m contract modification, the company will supply new and improved capabilities such as medical treatment simulation, improved after action review facilities and engagement feedback devices.

The company has been delivering a DTES managed service to the British Army for combined training since August 2009, along with full technical and operational support to battle groups operating in the harsh terrains of Kenya.

The DTES system brings extraordinary realism to the training by simulating each and every aspect of the battlefield, allowing troops to hone fighting skills and tactical awareness.

The battle simulation technology features a satellite-tracked vest, a halo that straps onto the helmet and a small arms transmitter (SAT) attached to the rifle barrel.

DTES allows the troops to target a mock enemy without the fear of injuring them and all information is transferred, including real-time, three-dimensional replay of the continuing battle, through five radio masts to a command post.

The data is then combined into a batch of analytical tools and tables, thereby enabling the commanders to better analyse the battlefield situation and strategy.

Saab has, so far, supported more than 20 exercises, including one in which the entire system and its associated personnel were deployed to the UK and Salisbury Plain, along with the Royal Anglian Regiment, to support Mission Specific Training (MST) in March 2011.

The company has also received a £11.1m contract modification from the UK MoD to continue to provide Collective Counter- Improvised Explosive Device Trainer (CCT) managed services to British Army troops in the UK and overseas in March 2012.