Saab has handed over a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) detection system to an undisclosed customer in Kuwait.

The Saab Automatic Warning and Reporting (AWR) system was supplied along with units for mobile detection and surveillance, as well as stationary detection units to offer complete chemical and radiological surveillance.

Featuring the company’s 9LAND BMS AWR command and control software, the AWR system is a flexible, modular and future-proof solution, designed for the detection, identification, warning, monitoring and reporting of CBRN hazards on the battlefield.

The system is also equipped with a command and control centre that monitors the entire system 24-hours-a-day.

"A new international customer validates that Saab’s CBRN solutions are in the front-line on the market."

Saab Support and Services business area Land business unit marketing and sales director Nils Erik Lindblom said: "A new international customer validates that Saab´s CBRN solutions are in the front-line on the market, and that we are breaking new ground.

"It bodes well for Saab’s potential to expand the business and strengthen our position in the CBRN area.

"There is a trend developing within the CBRN area for countries to move away from stand-alone solutions to properly integrated CBRN systems and vehicles."

Operated from fixed locations, carried by personnel or mounted on vehicles, the system enables the operator to make fast and accurate decisions, which is said to be a key factor in limiting exposure to CBRN threats.

According to the company, the system can automatically transition from a stationary system to the mobile, tactical system with round-the-clock operations, when activated by a CBRN situation.

The mobile units include pressure-protected light vehicles, which display the full picture from data collected from the AWR system on Saab´s rugged hardware.

The vehicles are also said to be camouflaged and protected with Barracuda’s HTR system for heat reduction.