Mi8 MTV helicopter

The Russia Ministry of Defence (MoD) has taken delivery of three Mi-8MTV-5-1 military transport helicopters from Russian Helicopters.

Built at Kazan Helicopters, they were handed over to the 639th Military Representation as part of the MoD’s single acceptance day for deliveries of military products, following a comprehensive testing programme.

Russian Helicopters chief executive officer Alexander Mikheev said: "In 2014, as part of the state defence order, we have supplied Russia’s Armed Forces with three Mi-8MTV-5-1s, and plan further deliveries of one Mi-8MTV-2, an additional 17 Mi-8MTV-5-1s and six Ansat-Us, built at Kazan Helicopters.

"Fulfilment of the state defence order is a key strategic priority for us, as it is directly responsible for supporting the country’s defence capabilities.

"Today we are carrying out an extensive upgrade programme at our enterprises to boost their growth and efficiency, labour productivity and the quality of the military and commercial products that we manufacture."

"The cockpit includes lighting systems that are especially adapted to enable the use of night-vision goggles."

During pre-acceptance testing and acceptance procedures, the finished helicopters were inspected in the final assembly workshop to check the installation and operating capacity of systems and emergency crew support systems.

In addition to quality assurance tests of the build quality, component manufacturing and assembly quality, the Military Representation also conducted trials at an undisclosed flight testing facility.

Primarily designed to transport up to 4,000kg of cargo and equipment, the Mi-8MTV-5-1 helicopter can also fly search-and-rescue missions and perform a number of specialised tasks in all climatic conditions.

The cockpit includes lighting systems that are especially adapted to enable the use of night-vision goggles, helping the helicopter to fly in darkness at low and extremely low altitudes, and to land on and take off from unprepared sites.

The helicopters are operated by the Russian military and law enforcement agencies.

Image: Russian Helicopters has delivered three Mi-8MTV-5-1 helicopters to the Russian Defence Ministry. Photo: © 2014 ‘Russian ?elicopters, JSC’.

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