Rheinmetall Defence has received a contract to supply air defence systems to the Royal Thai Army.

Under the agreement, the company will supply four latest-generation Oerlikon Skyguard 3 fire control systems.

The multi-million euro contract will also cover the supply of eight 35mm Oerlikon GDF007 Twin Guns, Ahead airburst ammunition, and additional support.

In a press release posted on its website, Rheinmetall said: "For Rheinmetall Air Defence, the Royal Thai Army is another new customer in Asia who introduces a 35mm air defence system.

"Rheinmetall thus attaches great commercial importance to this recently awarded contract."

"Rheinmetall attaches great commercial importance to this recently awarded contract."

Rheinmetall Defence’s air defence division provides automatic cannon-based air defence. It is the only system supplier to offer fire control technology, automatic 35mm cannons, integrated guided missiles and Ahead airburst ammunition

More than 40 nations are currently using the company’s air defence solutions.

Last year, the company received a contract to manufacture turret structures for the UK Army’s new Scout specialist vehicle (SV).

Awarded by Lockheed Martin UK, the €130m contract requires the company to supply up to 245 Scout SV turret structure and weapon mount (TSWM) units.

Since 2010, Rheinmetall has been designing and engineering TSWM for the Scout SV base turret system, a 40mm medium-calibre turret solution.

The company also participated in the preceding technical demonstration phase of the project.